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8 Benefits of an Epoxy Garage Floor

  • Are you looking for the best garage floor surface?
  • You can transform your garage with a floor that is strong, long-lasting, and affordable. But if you’re used to concrete floors, you may not know all the benefits of garage floor epoxy.
  • Read on to learn about these eight benefits of an epoxy garage floor, and why it is the right choice for you.

1. Safety and Performance

Epoxy flooring is a high-performance option. It’s designed to withstand the weight of toolboxes, equipment and vehicles themselves.

Rolling a very heavy toolbox across epoxy flooring won’t leave any marks. With concrete, tile or other options, you can’t do this without ruining the flooring.

The best performance feature, though, is it’s safety. Epoxy coatings will even out your existing floor surface. This is great for preventing falls, slips and trips.

It’s easy to wipe clean with water and soap, so you can clean up any spills straight away to avoid accidents. You can also get extra coatings that will give added slip-resistance. These are perfect for areas that are:

  • high-traffic
  • commercial
  • prone to ice

And so much more! An epoxy floor is almost more comfortable for those who spend a lot of time on their feet in a garage. It’s more absorbent of force, and will cushion load. If you’re standing on the floor for hours, you should feel less leg or back strain.

2. Durability

Epoxy flooring is durable, tough and long-lasting, making it perfect for a garage. The epoxy makes a cushioned barrier that protects your existing floor. It’ll act in a similar way to a sealant.

This means, floors can withstand impact from dropping equipment or tools. You don’t have to worry about parking heavy vehicles or equipment either. Epoxy floors also hold their own against high-traffic.

A floor with an epoxy coating will have a longer lifespan than one without. Once allowed to set and become solid, it’s hard to beat the strength and durability of epoxy.

3. Resistance to Staining

As well as being resistant to harsh chemicals, epoxy is also resistant to moisture and stains. To clean up most messes and spills, all you’ll need is a little soap and some water.

Due to it’s durability, anything harsh that does spill won’t stain or eat away at your flooring. With other flooring types, this can cause damage. Damage that is costly to put right, or you might need to replace the whole floor.

4. Vehicle Compatibility

Epoxy flooring for garages actually fits the needs of vehicles well. The even, uniform surface keeps tires, and vehicles in general, in good shape.

A plain concrete floor (or similar) could cause extra wear and tear on your tires. But with epoxy, the smooth surface cause little to no wear. It should help protect your car and reduce issues, especially with the tires.

The fact that it can stand up to holding a lot of weight makes it the perfect parking surface. Both long and short-term. But if you park your car on a concrete garage surface, over time the weight will corrode and damage it. You’ll need to restore or relay it.

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, these needs also work well with epoxy flooring. Epoxy can stand up to any harsh chemicals or substances.


5. Cost Effectiveness

Epoxy flooring is one the best options for cost effectiveness. Two-car garages, usually only need the standard single-coat which isn’t expensive.

Whatever option you go for, you should always have it installed by a professional. But labor costs won’t be through the roof, due to how easy the installation is.

If you’re on a budget, but want great results then an epoxy garage floor is the way to go. For their cost-effectiveness and durability, they’re a great investment. You won’t need to worry about repairing or future maintenance costs.

6. Easy to Install

Epoxy flooring is both easy and quick to lay down. There won’t be any inconvenience other than clearing the floor pre-installation. And you won’t need to leave your property while it’s laid.

Depending on the size of the floor, most installations are complete within a day. Once laid and dried, it’ll create a flawless, seamless finish with no joins or gaps. It’ll need very little maintenance compared to other types of flooring.

7. Eco-Friendliness

Although epoxy isn’t recyclable or made from recycled materials, it’s Eco-friendly. This is because it uses few materials and last for a long time.

Traditional floors like concrete and wood need large amounts of raw material, and large machinery. With epoxy there is no digging or cutting. The only tools required are rollers to ensure a smooth finish.

As epoxy garage floors last for so long, this process doesn’t need to be repeated every few years. This means you aren’t adding to your carbon footprint by renewing the floor it.

8. Appearance

You are probably used to your old garage floor. Cracks, stains and all sorts of damage build up over time until the surface is almost unusable. With epoxy your floor can be restored to an even, polished finish.

The versatility of epoxy means that there an are almost unlimited number of types, colors and styles available. So whether you want something utilitarian, bold or anything else, epoxy flooring is the way to go.

Not only does an epoxy garage floor look good to you, it will also look good to any potential buyers if you sell your home. In fact, it looks so good, it can even be used for interior rooms!


Choosing Garage Floor Epoxy

As you can see, garage floor epoxy is the perfect surface to transform your garage. Whether you need want a durable, cost effective or great looking floor, an epoxy garage floor has you covered.

If you want to revitalize your garage, contact us to book your free consultation with Reno Garage Floor Coating. Our mission is to get you results.

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