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Wondering if an Epoxy Floor Is Worth the Cost? the Answer: It Is!

  • Americans invest $400 billion a year upgrading their homes. Nearly half of all renovators choose projects that replace worn-out or unsatisfactory home features with more attractive and more functional alternatives.
  • Among these renovators, installing an epoxy floor is rapidly becoming one of the most popular home upgrades of choice. Given the relative costs of epoxy, however, many homeowners question whether the investment is truly worthwhile.
  • Keep reading now to learn why the numerous benefits of epoxy far outweigh its cost.

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Epoxy Floors Improve the Appearance of Your Home

Compared to concrete and other common flooring surfaces, epoxy floors are bright and appealing. Epoxy comes in a wide range of colors and styles, making it a perfect fit for any home and aesthetic. 

Many finishes naturally mask the visibility of everyday dust and dirt. This keeps your home looking cleaner, even when the weather outside leaves you tracking in dampness and mud or when you can’t find time to sweep. When you do want to clean them, epoxy floors are quick and easy to clean using normal, family-friendly household cleansers. 

As an added bonus, laying down an epoxy floor can increase your home’s value, giving you an even better long-term return on investment for your project. 

Nothing Beats the Functionality of Epoxy

The list of functional benefits to putting down an epoxy floor is seemingly endless. Epoxy is:

  • Low-maintenance
  • Durable
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Non-sip
  • Shock-resistant
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Heat- and fire-resistant
  • Less fatiguing on the body than concrete

In rooms like garages or basements, these features can be worth their weight in gold.

Consider, for example, that more than 800,000 Americans end up in the emergency room every year due to falls. At least 20 percent of falls result in broken bones or other serious injuries. Non-slip epoxy flooring can protect your family from these types of accidents in any weather.

Similarly, epoxy’s water-resistant nature means that spills of every kind are easier to clean up. Instead of pouring an absorbent substance like kitty litter on a spill, waiting for it to soak the liquid up from the porous floor, then trying to deal with the resulting mess and stains, you can simply wipe up offending spills in seconds. This protects you, your family, and your pets from chemical exposure, fall hazards, and more.

Epoxy is also an ideal flooring surface for rooms in which you want to work hard and play harder. It is less fatiguing on your body, giving you more time to enjoy the activities you love pain-free. Scratch-resistant, fire-resistant, and shock-resistant, it’s also safe and durable enough to stand up to any hobby or science project.

Epoxy floors can turn your basement or garage into a multi-purpose living space, helping you get the most from every inch of your home’s square footage.

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Epoxy Protects Your Floors

Over time, the natural wear-and-tear of life can break down concrete floors. Exposure to water and salt during harsh winters, vehicle-related products and chemicals, and other common substances can further degrade concrete.

This can result in staining, cracking, and other damage. That damage can lead to bigger problems and safety hazards. 

Epoxy protects your concrete floors from this abuse and the resulting issues. It extends the life of your floor and can spare you expensive and inconvenient repair projects down the line.

In many situations where such damage has already been done, epoxying the floor can be an alternative to a wholesale replacement project. Concrete can be repaired and coated rather than torn out and relaid, saving homeowners time, money, and stress. 

Epoxy Is Eco-Friendly

Many families work hard to reduce their carbon footprint. It can be discouraging, then, to look at necessary home projects such a replacing a damaged concrete floor which require:

  • Tons of raw materials
  • Use of large, gas-guzzling machinery
  • Regular replacement

Laying down epoxy on your garage floor, by contrast, requires very few inputs to achieve the same result. Plus, epoxy lasts much longer than concrete and equivalent materials, further reducing the long-term carbon footprint of your home.

Epoxy Is Cost-Efficient

While it may cost more to lay initially than some competing surfaces, long-term epoxy is one of the most cost-efficient choices you can make. Its endurance and durability mean that you get more years of use per dollar spent than you would out of any other surface. 

Its other benefits only add to its cost-effectiveness. For example, with an epoxy floor you won’t have to spend money on:

  • Buying specialty cleaners
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Frequent repairs 
  • Anti-fatigue floor mats
  • Oil-absorbant work mats
  • Paint and other aesthetic touch-ups

You’ll also reduce wear-and-tear to your vehicle, saving you money in tires and car maintenance. Plus, no other floor coating will increase the value of your home the same way that epoxy floors will. 

From start to finish, epoxy floors pay for themselves over and over. 

The Importance of Hiring Professionals

To reap the full benefits of epoxy, you must hire professionals to lay it for you. Why is this the case?

First, because there are many factors that impact how epoxy goes down and cures. These include things like moisture and temperature, which can vary. Experts will know how to test and account for these things when preparing and laying your floor.

Second, like other flooring options, epoxy needs to be laid on a properly prepared foundation for best results. Experts have the experience to recognize and correct problems before laying epoxy, which prevents problems and the need to redo the work later.

Third, experts can advise you on and then deliver any special techniques that might be appropriate for your project. This can take your floor from routine to stunning.

Finally, having experts do the work provides you with legal and financial protection. This can be a key part of realizing the full benefits when it comes to increased home value.

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